Carpet & Area Rugs

natures-way-carpet-cleaningCarpet and area rug cleaning is a science and art that is dependent on current industry technology to produce results.  But without highly trained personnel armed with the ability to utilize what is available to them, it is like giving a car to a child.  It will probably end in anything but a desirable outcome.

There are many different types of carpet when you look at the fiber types, weavings, backing systems, dyes used and other important factors.   There are also many different methods of cleaning textiles based on these factors.  We continually train our technicians to keep them abreast of the latest technologies in the cleaning, textile, and other related industries and how to apply them to your home or office.

We will work with you to create a maintenance plan that meets your requirements and budget to keep your environments clean and safe.  Some of these services would include the option to replace protective coatings as suggested by manufacturers and take care of odor removal problems as it becomes necessary.

Nature’s Way Cleaning & Restoration is all about being the company that makes your home or office a place that is clean, safe and comfortable the way nature intended, and we mean it!  Our company was formed and is guided by the very people that participate in writing the ANSI/IICRC Standards of Care for the cleaning and restoration industries.  All of Nature’s Way technicians are certified by the CleanTrust (Formerly the IICRC) so that you know you are getting professionals that have been given the skills to deliver the best service and results possible.  If your not hiring a CleanTrust Certified Firm, then you are not getting the best available service for you and the people you care most about, your family.