Hard Surface

Hard surface such as vinyl composite tile (VCT) a practical and inexpensive floor covering that can look great if properly maintained.  Many do-it-yourselfers and one-man-shows lack the proper equipment and experience backing them up.  This results in less than acceptable results and possible damage to the flooring, subflooring, and adjoining walls/baseboards.

Let us keep your hard surfaces looking their best!  We will usually start with removing the previous issues by performing a complete strip and reseal, followed by waxing and burnishing until the desired effect (level of gloss) is achieved.  We will then maintain that appearance with a personalized schedule of maintenance so that you never end up being embarrassed by the appearance of your floors again.

So if it is just a one-time strip, seal, and polish or a complete maintenance program, we have a solution for you.  Simple ask for a free demonstration during your scheduled cleaning!  For commercial accounts we will send out a manager or commercial representative that can fully inspect and access the best plan for your particular environment considering use, conditions, flooring types, traffic variations, shift schedules, budgets, and appearance desires.  Let us keep you looking your best at all times!