Saltillo (Spanish) Tile

nw-saltillo-tile-cleaningSaltillo tile, also known as Spanish tile, is a soft, fragile clay tile that needs special attention to detail and nothing but the proper cleaning process.  In some cases the installation was flawed either not pre-sealing the tiles before installation, or using anything other than distilled water when mixing the grout.  When either of these issues are a factor it will be more noticeable because of the large grout lines that will draw attention to it.

These tile floors need the care of professionals that have training and experience in maintaining Saltillo tile floors.  Just having experience in ceramic or porcelain tile will not be sufficient.  We have seen many of these floors with previous damage due to improper installation and/or improper maintenance practices by do-it-yourselfers or companies that are not competent to do the work.

Be assured that Nature’s Way can bring your Saltillo tile back to life and looking beautiful for years to come with proper maintenance.  As always, with any tile services, an over-the-phone estimate will require that you know the complete square footage of the area to be cleaned.  Don’t forget the tile under appliances and in closets or pantries.  We will of course measure and give you a firm price on arrival before beginning work.