Windows (Multi-story)

nw-window-cleaning-1Windows, everybody loves them to gaze through them!

But who likes to clean them?!

We love to do them!  We haven’t started hanging off buildings yet, but we have the ability to clean multiple floor buildings without leaving the ground.  We offer residential and commercial cleaning service including:

  • Outside windowsnw-window-cleaning-2

  • Inside windows and blinds

  • Interior glass and mirrors

  • Solar panels

  • Glass walkways

  • Showers (hard water stains)

If it’s glass, we love to clean it and will come up with a solution to get it sparkling clear!  So is it expensive to have done?  Well it’s not cheap, but we are usually told it was not as expensive as they expected.  We will give over-the-phone estimates for residential or while at your home for other services, but we would need to do an on-site assessment for commercial jobs.  Removing hard water stains or other such issues from windows will call for additional considerations to be able to give a final quote before the work began.  We will always do a final assessment and price before being any work as with all our cleaning services.