Bio-hazard Cleanup

bio-hazard-pics-2   When this type of unfortunate, and in some cases dangerous, events occur we can take care of blood, bio-hazardous and infectious waste clean-ups to include, but not limited to, the following:

Crime Scene Clean-up

bio-hazard-pics-4Allowing Nature’s Way to handle the required procedures can relieve homeowners, property managers, co-workers, families and/or friends from the emotional trauma and hazards associated with cleaning a crime scene area.  We provide bio-hazardous and crime scene cleanup services for horrific situations.  Our cleaning professionals can safely and discreetly remedy any crime scene involving bio-hazardous or infectious wastes and dispose of it properly in accordance with local laws.  Bio-hazards such as: blood, bodily fluids, and tissues are contained/removed and the affected area(s) are cleaned and sanitized to return it to a clean and safe environment.

Death and Trauma Scene Clean-up

Too often people are found deceased in their residence who have been there from a few days to even weeks or months.  This type of unattended death scene cleanup and recovery work should only be left to an experienced company like Nature’s Way.  We can safely and discreetly remedy any death scene involving decomposition, bio-hazardous or infectious wastes and dispose of it properly.

Industrial Accident Clean-up

Workplace accidents or incidents are a common occurrence.  Nature’s Way is prepared to handle any industrial accident involving blood, body fluids and bio-hazard cleanup at a work site.  We utilize all required OSHA protective equipment needed to recover an incident on the job site.

Murder and Suicide Scene Aftermath Clean-up

bio-hazard-pics-5Too often family members or friends struggle with the emotional trauma of removing the bio-hazard aftermath of a homicide or murder scene. Clean up should be the last thing on their mind.  We provide clean-up services for families, property management companies, local authorities, or any authorized agent. to recover the scene as carefully as possible to provide a clean and safe environment.

Law Enforcement Agency Services

bio-hazard-pics-1HIV, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis are just a few of the dangers that Nature’s Way can eliminate in a jail cells, police vehicles, and transport vehicles of all types.  Threatening bio-hazards such as blood, urine, feces, and vomit can be removed from quickly and safely leaving a clean and sanitary result.  We can work with and for you to reestablish a safe environment for both your law enforcement personnel and the criminal inmates.

Hoarder and Tenant Trash House Cleanup

These types of jobs are increasing and dangerous due to health and living conditions, which can also affect close neighbors.  Cities and local governments are concerned with hoarder and tenant trash properties due to an increase in fire hazards and rodent issues. While mental health experts say compulsive hoarding has been commonly viewed as a subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder, some researchers are studying it as a possible mental health disorder on its own.  We safely remove and discard unwanted possessions and trash after identifying and retaining possessions deemed heirloom, keepsakes or important documents and items (e.g., keys, jewelry, pictures) that need to be salvaged.

Emergency Service Priority Service Contracts

We also offer emergency service priority contracts for commercial and government clients that want to know that they will have priority service response with prior agreed terms and pricing.  This allows us to shift into high gear immediately after receiving a call from an authorized and designated representative.  No more wasting time on paperwork and negotiations while the situation gets worse, just swift emergency response to get the problem taken care of!

Give us a call and lets talk about a solution that works for you and your needs!