Water Damage & Floods

If you have just realized you have had a water intrusion and seeking help and information please click here to visit our Emergency Response page for immediate guidance.

Education is worth its Weight in Gold!

If you’re looking for information in the future event of water intrusion or looking for information about emergency service contracts for commercial or residential properties then you’re in the right place.  First, we want to congratulate you for taking the time to educate yourself.  You are not in the majority, as most people believe it will never happen to them or are too busy to bother.  But reality and today’s building practices, as well as the climate changes we are becoming aware of, speaks to the fact that no matter where you live the chances of a water or fire event happening in your world are increasing all the time.

As a consumer it’s hard to know who to choose when these events happen.  Every restoration company or contractor tells you that they are the biggest and/or the best.  Some will tell you they are better either because they are a national franchise or better because they are not.  Some have better commercials or better advertising slogans that may draw you to them.  Some will even have customers (real or maybe not, we don’t really know) that swear they are the best choice.  And the list goes on and on …

So why should you choose a company to handle the situation when disaster strikes?  We can only speak from sitting down and writing out why we would choose a company.  So here is what we came up with:

  1. They are a company that is family owned and operated who understands the importance of caring what happens to me and my MIP’s
  2. They are properly licensed and insured for the work they are performing
  3. Their employees are screened to make sure they are trustworthy and safe
  4. The companies technicians onsite can show that they have been trained for the service they are providing
  5. They show compassion and understanding when I speak to them on the phone or in person
  6. They are efficient and professional in taking charge of the situation and can show documentation of their progress so that I can understand
  7. They are able to work with my insurance company in my best interests
  8. They have all the latest technologies and expertise to get the job done faster than anyone else, barring unforeseen complications
  9. They can see the job through to the end so that I can focus on the important things I need to handle to keep my day to day world on track
  10. They want a long term relationship with me beyond this job and are willing to earn that relationship

Once we had the list, then we went to work to become that company and strive to be better every day!  Sure, we will do all of those other things that all the “best” companies do, but we aren’t in it for all the same reasons.  We want to be the company you think of in the future when you need one of our other services because of how you were treated.  You will get the highest expertise anywhere in the industry guaranteed, that’s not even a concern for us.

Bottom line, we want to be your cleaning and restoration company of choice and we are willing to earn that right!  One of our founders is a restoration industry leader and an IICRC approved instructor so you can count on us following the industry standards and being on the leading edge of new developments in restoration.  This helps us guarantee that you will always get the best-trained and certified personnel working for you.  And with our proprietary Aqueous Ozone cleaning systems we can ensure your building is clean and safe without using all the biocide chemicals that all other companies use.  We mean what we say, “Clean, Safe, and Comfortable the Way Nature Intended!”

Emergency Service Priority Contracts

We also offer emergency service priority contracts for commercial or residential clients that want to know that in the face of an emergency they will have priority service response with prior agreed terms and pricing.  This allows us to shift into high gear immediately after receiving a call from an authorized and designated representative(s).  No more wasting time on paperwork and negotiations while the damage gets worse, just swift emergency response to get the problem taken care of!

As a part of the emergency service priority contract we will do complimentary thermal imaging inspections of the entire property on an annual basis for problems waiting to happen that are not always apparent until it’s to late.  If we find the issues while they are small or about to happen it can save time, money and a lot of grief.  We can also assist you in updating your emergency planning so that everyone will know what to do if an emergency arises.  This is very important and is seldom given a thought until the disaster strikes.

Got Training?

We also offer all clients on contract with us to have their property management staff attend certification courses that we put our people through free of charge.  One of the questions that we hear from property management professionals such as the building engineers is, “How do I know when it is something we can handle and when it is best to have professional help from a restoration company?  Where do we set the bar?!”

Attending these courses helps you to know what is required by industry standards according to the ANSI/IICRC S500 (Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration) and gives you the ability to intelligently make those decisions.  The courses are taught by one of our founding members that works on the committees that write the ANSI/IICRC Standards.  You and your staff are welcome to take the IICRC Certification Exam that is offered at the end of the courses for a small fee.  We feel that educating our clients is the responsible thing to do so they are better able to educate and protect their clients, the people living and working in the building.  The people living and working in those buildings is why we are all here and whom we focus on the most.  Those people are someone’s family and hopefully our future friends and raving fans!