The MicroSeal Advantage


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Your home, vehicle, boat and airplane are significant lifestyle investments deserving permanent fabric protection. Keeping their fabrics, carpeting and other fibers safe from stains, sun fade, and even excessive wear isn’t something you want to worry about. That’s why protecting them with MicroSeal is a smart decision. It’s the industry-leading fiber protectant that actually seals and protects from the inside out.

nw-microseal-13nw-microseal-logo-1MicroSeal was created in England over thirty years ago as a proprietary formula intended to permanently replenish the naturally-protective properties that a sheep produces for its own coat. Unlike the typical protectant that only coats the fiber and then breaks up easily, it penetrates the fiber to its inner core and protects from the inside out. In addition to wear and stain protection, MicroSeal provides substantial sun fade resistance and the ECO friendly formula is completely biodegradable and is medically rated non-toxic.

nw-microseal-1When considering MicroSeal vs. other fabric and fiber protectants, find out if they offer these advantages:

  • nw-microseal-7nw-microseal-12Penetrates fibers & survives for years of protection
  • Independent laboratory verification that it reduces sun fading by nearly 100% on most fabrics
  • Won’t shrink or stain fabrics and fibers
  • Increases wear resistance
  • Reduces smoke density and flame spread (fire retardant) if fabric or fiber catches on fire
  • Mildew and static resistant
  • Attaches only to fibers and will not seal in stains
  • Does not damage woodwork, metal, paint or glass
  • Safe for the environment
  • Can be used on any material with fibrous nature including suedes and smooth-finished leathers
  • Is non-allergenic and non-toxic

nw-upholstery-cleaning-5nw-microseal-6MicroSeal is a fiber and fabric protectant that’s been used worldwide for over 30 years with it beginings the the aeronautical industry.  Its many benefits include:


  • Environmentally safe
  • EPA-rated safe, non-toxic, and non-allergenic;
  • California VOC compliant
  • Permanent stain resistance & stain prevention
  • Protects all fabrics and fibers from permanent stain damage and will endure frequent professional cleanings
  • Will not alter colors or textures
  • Utilizes proprietary nanotechnology; colors and textures remain unchanged
  • Penetrates & seals all fiber types
  • Wools, cottons, silks, synthetics, suedes, and most smooth-finished leathers
  • Permanent Sun Fade Resistance
  • Nearly 100% protection on most fabrics, carpeting, and cherished rugs
  • Can be applied with confidence to heirloom fabrics & fibers
  • Will not seal in existing soil or stains
  • Extends lifespan
  • Strengthens all fabrics & fibers while bolstering wear integrity
  • Tested & proven by independent laboratories

Application Process

nw-microseal-3Our courteous MicroSeal Service Technician will arrive within a two hour scheduled time frame and will call you before arriving.  The performance of our product is only exceeded by our desire to be of excellent service to you.  Follow up service means your local MicroSeal service company, not an out of state phone operator.

The MicroSeal application time is quick, safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic.  MicroSeal will protect all fabrics, wool, cotton, silk, blends, synthetics, including all leathers.  An entire room of furnishings and carpeting can typically be protected in less than one hour.  The Fabric or carpet does not have to be clean, as MicroSeal will not seal in dirt or stains.  Dry time is about 30 minutes after which the items can be used.

Cure time is 1-4 days before fully effective.  MicroSeal will not wear off over the average lifetime of your fabric or carpet.  Reapplication after cleaning is unnecessary.  MicroSeal is California VOC compliant when wet and emits zero VOCs when dry.  Application includes a Lifetime Service Warranty.

MicroSeal is one of the fastest growing services in our line up.  It is an amazing product that is right in alignment with our chemical free cleaning methods and far outlasts any other protectants.  No one else in Mohave, LaPaz, Coconino or Yavapai counties of Arizona can legally offer you this product, so call us today and start protecting your world the way nature intended.

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